Watch American Greed

8.2 10
  • 2007
  • 13 Seasons


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Serial Details

  • Genre: Crime, Crime Drama, Documentary, Drama, News, Newsmagazine
  • Director: Greg Gricus
  • Cast:
    Stacy Keach
    Dennis Hindman
    Doug Allen
    Brian Brusokas
    Ryan Christoff
    Steven Dollear
    Jeff Evers
    Steven Grimes
    Bill Mastro
    Keli Delane
    Timothy Bacha
    Joseph Banks
    Diane Centilli
    Dominick Ciccola
    Catherine Dick
  • Writer: Jeanne Heffron, Lance Hori, Kristen Akers Gozdecki


Enter a world where crime pays well--until you get caught. CNBC's unprecedented original primetime series, American Greed takes you inside the scams, schemes and broken dreams…revealing the amazing real-life stories of how some people will do anything for money.