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  • 1992
  • 34 Seasons


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Serial Details

  • Genre: Crime, Mystery, News, Newsmagazine
  • Director: Judy Farinet, Rob Klug, John Libretto
  • Cast:
    Lester Holt
    Ann Curry
    Josh Mankiewicz
    Keith Morrison
    Dennis Murphy
    Andrea Canning
    Bobbi Mccaughey
    Brandon Mccaughey
    Joel Mccaughey
    Kenny Mccaughey
    Nathan Mccaughey
    Alexis Mccaughey
    Kelsey Mccaughey
    Natalie Mccaughey
    Chris Hansen
  • Writer: Izhar Harpaz, Colleen Halpin, Cameo George


Dateline NBC presents in-depth coverage of news stories. Rather than just reading news reports, as most news shows do, the reporters for this show research their subjects and interview the people closely involved to create an informative work of investigative journalism.