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  • 2009
  • 12 Seasons


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Serial Details

  • Genre: Cooking, Food, Reality
  • Director: Richard Franc, Richard Smead, Jo Siddiqui
  • Cast:
    Gary Mehigan
    Georgia Barnes
    Dani Venn
    Chloe Carroll
    Reynold Poernomo
    Jessica Arnott
    Billie Mckay
    Alana Lowes
    Reece Hignell
    Kate Bracks
    Ellie Paxton Hall
    Samira Damirova
    Sara Oteri
    Matthew Hopcraft
    Kristen Sheffield


Returning for its eighth season, MasterChef Australia will this year take the best of what has been before and combine it with more big name international guest chefs, bright new talent and exciting challenges to create a truly remarkable series

Latest episodes and seasons

Season 12

Episode 56 - Episode #12.56

Episode 55 - Episode #12.55

Episode 54 - All In Pressure Test: Phil Wood's Potato Duchess

Episode 53 - Two Dish Lucky Dip Immunity Challenge

Episode 52 - Rubik's Cube Mystery Box

Episode 51 - All In Elimination: Classics And Novelties

Episode 50 - Alphabet Immunity Challenge

Episode 49 - Two Dish Everything Box

Episode 48 - All In Elimination: One Inch Cube Challenge

Episode 47 - Time Or Ingredients Immunity Challenge

Episode 46 - Golden Mystery Box

Episode 45 - Elimination Challenge: Street Food And Fine Dining

Episode 44 - Sudden Death Pumpkin Immunity Challenge

Episode 43 - Smoking Mystery Box

Episode 42 - No Recipe Pressure Test: Benjamin Cooper's Jungle Curry

Episode 41 - Blind Pairing Team Challenge

Episode 40 - All In Pressure Test: Aussie Classics

Episode 39 - Fast Track To Top 10 Challenge

Episode 38 - Heat 3: Lotto Mystery Box

Episode 37 - Heat 2: Coskun Uysal's Meat Dessert Challenge

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