Serial Details

  • Rate: TV-NR
  • Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror
  • Director: Robert Duncan Mcneill, Robert Singer, Philip Sgriccia
  • Cast:
    Jared Padalecki
    Jensen Ackles
    Misha Collins
    Mark A. Sheppard
    Alexander Calvert
    Callum Rennie
    Gina Holden
    Mark Sheppard
    Jim Beaver
    Mark Pellegrino
    Samantha Smith
    Ruth Connell
    Osric Chau
    David Haydn Jones
    Curtis Armstrong
  • Writer: Eric Kripke, Andrew Dabb, Robert Berens
  • Creators: Eric Kripke


Drama about two brothers, searching for their missing dad, who chase down evil forces that claimed the life of their mother and the life of the younger brother's girlfriend. They travel the country in a '67 Chevy Impala, encountering paranormal phenomena at every turn.

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Season 15