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  • 2008
  • 12 Seasons


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Serial Details

  • Genre: Health, Medical, Talk
  • Director: Lynn Hermstad, John Pattyson, Daniel Primer
  • Cast:
    Travis Stork
    Andrew Ordon
    Rachael Ross
    Lisa Masterson
    Jim Sears
    Jennifer Ashton
    Jennifer Berman
    Judy Ho
    Eric Schermerhorn
    Nita Landry
    Anna Vocino
    Jillian Michaels
    Sonya Batra
    Caitlin Kazepis
    Ian Smith


The Emmy Award-winning daytime talk show The Doctors is hosted by ER physician Dr. Travis Stork and co-hosted by plastic surgeon and reconstructive surgery expert Dr. Andrew Ordon; along with recurring co-hosts, OB-GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton, urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman, and family doctor and sexologist Dr. Rachael Ross.Tune in Monday through Friday for the most up-to-date information regarding your health and wellness, as well as news-making medical stories that may affect you or your family. The Doctors strive to enlighten viewers with simple ways to attain and maintain good health. Watch, and get empowered about your well-being!

Latest episodes and seasons

Season 12

Episode 109 - Nurses Under Attack!/Misdiagnosed Post Pregnancy Pain?/Street Doctor!/Patient Dumped For Paying Bill? February 26, 2020

Episode 108 - Shaman Durek's Guide To Love!/Why Am I Single?/Trigger Happy With The Shaman!/Dad Hijacks Daughter's Social Media As Punishment! February 25, 2020

Episode 107 - Groundbreaking Anti Aging Drug Trial!/Baby Stem Cells To Turn Back The Clock!/Facial Of The Future?/3d Sex With Your Ex? February 24, 2020

Episode 106 - Porch Pirate Revenge!/Roller Skating Is Hip Again!/Bathroom Break Smell Check? February 21, 2020

Episode 105 - Toxic Thc Vapes! Extend Your Dog's Life!/Anti Aging Cure!/Millennial Health Crisis! February 20, 2020

Episode 104 - Can Supplements Leads To Liver Failure?/Medical Credit Card Controversy!/Mirror Exposure Therapy? February 19, 2020

Episode 103 - Podcast Porn?/Stds Diagnosed On Social Media!/"Sexsomnia" As A Defense? February 18, 2020

Episode 102 - Dangers Of Black Market Airbags?/Free Condoms For 13 Year Olds?/Having "The Talk" With Your Kids! February 17, 2020

Episode 101 - Drs. Checkup: Breast Reconstruction Surgery!/Drs. Court: Class Action Lawsuit Against Children's Hospital February 14, 2020

Episode 100 - Wedding Vs. Sobriety?/Dad Demands Weight Loss For Dating!/Manhood Dysmorphic Disorder?/Managing Menopause With Denise Austin! February 13, 2020

Episode 99 - Woman Suffers Allergic Reaction To Sex!/Detox Tea Causes Woman To Get Pregnant!/Party Mom's Road To Recovery! February 12, 2020

Episode 98 - Live Procedure: Nasal Implants For Better Breathing!/Living Your Best Life With Type 1 Diabetes!/How To Get A Camera Ready Smile! February 11, 2020

Episode 97 - Cryotherapy For Your Nose?/Abby Lee Miller Facelift Results!/Fitness Fact Or Fiction! February 10, 2020

Episode 96 - Man Wins Large Settlement After Doctors Give Him Vasectomy Instead Of Circumcision!/High School Starts Drug Testing All Students!/Wine Mom's Journey To Sobriety! February 7, 2020

Episode 95 - Doctor Reverses Symptoms Of Ms Using Food As Medicine!/Hospital Tech Donates Kidney To Patient In Need! February 6, 2020

Episode 94 - Delivery Room Drama!/No Nicotine Hiring Policy?/Road To Resilience! February 5, 2020

Episode 93 - Placebo Surgeries!/Popular Heart Procedures Unnecessary?/Preventable Deaths In Psych Hospitals? February 4, 2020

Episode 92 - Placebos For Better Health?/Placebo Pills For Better Sleep?/Toxic Sunscreen!/Beauty's Biggest Trends! February 3, 2020

Episode 91 - Drs. Investigate: The Cannabis Café!/Woman Removes Her Stomach To Prevent Cancer!/Mom Bans Kid's Screen Time!/Protein Made Of Air? January 31, 2020

Episode 90 - Sisters Claim Carnivore Diet Cured Their Autoimmune Disease!/The Car Seats Putting Kids At Risk! January 30, 2020

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